Electrical Safety

Ensuring a Job Well Done — Safely, Securely

Safely installed electrical wiring and communication networks are vital to running your business and ensuring a secure environment. At Shea Electric & Communications we are knowledgeable about commercial and industrial electrical safety codes, embrace the latest technology, and have access to the right tools and equipment to install, handle and maintain any electrical or communications project.

Electrical Safety Comes First

Work with an electrical contractor that puts safety first. Shea Electric & Communications team of top-rated electricians is always learning and ensuring it is up to-date on the latest code revisions and safety protocols. Our people take great care in creating highly secure work commercial and industrial environments and have pride in our electrical safety ratings. With an industry standard of 1, Shea Electric & Communications exceeds the standard and has every year since 2013.


Employees complete the OSHA 30 and National Fire Protection Agency 70E safety training classes, so we know how to avoid near misses, construction and electrical-related workplace injuries and fatalities.

Continuing Education

Our journeyman and master electricians know how to customize the right solutions for your business, because they attend classes on the latest technologies and procedures.

Drug Free

Know you’re working with an ethical contractor. Shea Electric & Communications is a member of the Electrical Industry Drug Free Alliance, which requires random drug testing of its team to promote a drug-free work environment.

Life-long Learners

Shea Electric & Communications mentors, and conducts quarterly training, continually developing its people for the future.

Our Experience Modification Rate

(Begins September)
MOD Rate
2013 – 2014.88
2014 – 2015.84
2015 – 2016.79
2016 – 2017.76
2017 – 2018.76
2018 – 2019.79
2019 – 2020.78
2020 – 2021.79
2021 – 2022.80
2022 – 2023.84
2023 – 2024.85

The Bottom Line in Electrical Safety

Feel confident working with an electrical contracting team who has the training and knowledge to ensure a job well done — safely, securely, successfully. In fact, Shea Electric & Communications earned the Safety Excellence and Zero Injuries Awards from the National Electrical Contractor’s Association in 2016, 2017 and 2018. These awards demonstrate how Shea Electric & Communications has consistently kept its injury and fatality rate below industry standard and implemented internal company safety practices which go above and beyond basic compliance.

NECA Electrical Safety Awards

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